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Is a Licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicator by the Texas Department of Agriculture that provides Fumigation Services for Import & Export Commodities. Also is responsible for Industrial Pressure Washing Services with multiple portable units and Experienced personnel to deliver cleaning power of 4,000 PSI and high temperatures of 120 Deg. or more to remove grime, Grease, Dirt, and Agricultural Residues from all tracked and wheeled Heavy Equipment prior to delivering to the ports of Export and mandatory to be imported to the Foreign Country.

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Our Techs are experienced in Pesticide Fumigation Services for Imports & Exports Containers, Bulk Cargo and Ro-Ro Machinery Fumigation treatments of commodities sailing from the United States to Colombia, Chile, Australia and Worldwide to minimize or eliminate the risk and spread of pests or disease.

Fumigation can be used to solve or control a variety of pest infestations and disease concerns on Food Products, Heavy Machinery, the Wood boring beetles and other pests. Fumigation also prevents the migration of pests from one country to another such as the Chinch bug present in North, Central and South America; But, not present in Australia.

Most Commodities can be fumigated using the Container Fumigation, tarping and other methods. The label of the fumigant used will indicate if a given commodity can and how must be fumigated. During Fumigation, Container must be parked on a designated area and Signage of treatment must be displayed during and after fumigation. Re entry time must also be posted and only fumigating personnel can be allowed in the area.

Also, Phosphine Fumigations treatments are available for Barges, Rail cars, 20, 40 and 45 Feet Shipping Containers. It is a violation of the law for fumigations to take place on public access roads. In Transit containers being fumigated must be placarded per the product label requirements and must remain placarded until such time that the container has been properly aerated. Pest Control Techs can receive and aerate the commodity appropriately and ensure that
procedures are followed.

ISPM 15 (Import/Export) Fumigation

The International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), an international treaty, promotes control measures to prevent the spread of pests and plant products.

International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM)

Revision Number 15 regulates wood packaging material used in international trade to reduce the possibility for foreign pests to be introduced into new areas.

Wood packaging material included in the ISPM 15 Regulation are:




Skids and Saddles


Boat Craddles


Project Cargo Skids


Containers Packing Lumber


Dunnage used

for import & Export Commodities and onboard ships.




Cable Drums





Approved treatments of wood packaging materials under ISPM 15


Heat Treatment

Methyl Bromide Fumigation

Methyl Bromide Treatment

Methyl Bromide

Is an odorless and colorless gas. Classified as an ozone depleting compound in the Montreal Protocol, Methyl Bromide is a Regulated Pesticide that has limited availability and can only be handled by Licensed Pesticide Applicators.

Use of Methyl Bromide is limited to:


Quarantine Fumigation

Of commodities entering the United States under USAID/APHIS jurisdiction, requiring fumigation of specific commodities to prevent the import of pests and/or disease.


Exemptions extended to specific industries

(Example: Pet Food)

Critical Use Exemptions

For commodities which do not have an alternative fumigant available.


Pre-shipment Fumigations

for commodities being exported from the United States that come under quarantine requirements of the destination country (Example: ISPM 15 Fumigation of wooden pallets)

Alternatives Fumigation options are available.

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